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To help your communication on safety of pet food


Pet owners hope to select reliable pet food that can feed with “feeling at ease”.  However, it might be difficult because we can’t touch and see both “reliability” and “feeling at ease”.


Safety and quality, which support “reliable pet food”, can be measured with common rules such as science and technologies.


We hope to expand communication on “feeling at ease” between makers and users of pet foods through visible approach to improve safety and quality.


  • Support taking measure to meet the requirements of Pet Food Safety Law: To help preparation of manuals and record keeping in manufacturing, importing and selling operations


  • Support labeling in considering relevant regulations such as Pet Food Safety Law, Premiums and Representations Act and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law


  • Support pet food development to investigate formula and safety


  • Staff education: Basic knowledge on pet food (Nutrition, selection, handling, feeding, relevant regulations and etc.)

Pet Food Techno-Research

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